Trees are better than speed cameras

May 3rd, 2011

Four villages in Norfolk have had an experiment using trees and hedges to reduce the speed of drivers… how dose it work well it seames by having trees and hedges by the road side dose more than fitting in with the surroundings…..the findings show a 20% fall in drivers speeding due to there peripheral vision been reduced.

The finding show an 1.5% decrease in speed between 40mph and 60mph so is this the way forward in our country side where most of the UK road deaths happen……

Uninsured Drivers Take Note

April 10th, 2011

It cost all us responsible drivers on average £30 a year on are insurance premium to cover the cost of uninsured drivers.

New powers are coming soon to tackle uninsured drivers it will be an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle rather than just to drive when uninsured.

Over 400 uninsured driver a day are been stopped for no insurance and having there vehicle seized by the police.

So how is this going to work the DVLA will be in partnership with the Motor Insurers Bureau who will identify uninsured vehicles, the DVAL will send out a letter warning them they will be find £100 if they dont insure there vehicle, regardless if the fine is paid there vehicle could still be seized and destroyed.

Vehicles with a valid SORN (statutory off road notice) will not need to be insured, ‘could this be a loop hole’

What speed limit……..?

February 26th, 2011

It’s a fact that allot of drivers and riders don’t no the rules about speed limits………speed limit range from 20mph to 70mph but it seames allot of us don’t no what the speed of the road that they are driving on, this is one of the reason so meny drivers and riders get court speeding…….

So how can this be put right……’s so easy we can start by reading the Highway Code (it’s not just for leaner drivers to help them to pass there theory test) it will re-mind us what speed we can do in the vehicle which we are driving on the roads that we are on……

So let look at the different roads we have there are three different types…..a single carriageway (Country roads…..two way traffic roads)…….a Dual carriageway (two lanes both ways)……..then Motorways (which have there own rules)………..

Now in the UK we have 2 National speed limits which is shown by a white circle with a diagonal black line across it…….it’s 60mph on a single carriageway and 70mph on a dual carriageway that as a central reservation to it…….and on Motorways

So first we should be looking for any speed changes……..when we turn left or right……approaching lights or roundabouts…….if we don’t know what speed the road is look around you to see where you are check the street light…….whether there’s a system of them………a system means some or regular street lights…….example in England if they’re 183 yards apart (Scotland 184 yards) this tells us that it’s a 30mph unless signs tells us differently………if there are no street lights then it’s 60mph unless signs tell us differently please remember a speed limit is NOT a target…………

Safety Cameras

January 2nd, 2011

Are the safety cameras (speed cameras) going to be a thing of the past, with Government cut backs it seames that local governments are looking at doing away with yellow box’s (speed cameras) at the side of the road……..

Oxfordshire are the next council to switch there cameras off to save money so how will this affect us drivers will it mean more deaths on our roads well there Neighbour’s Swindon switched there cameras off 2 years ago to save money which they thought could be better spent else where, with warnings of motoring carnage on there roads……….

Well this was not the case in fact over the last two years the death rate on there roads as gone down in 2008 there were 40 death’s in 2009 there were only 29……….

So will we see a rise in fatalities on are roads with out the safety cameras around well no body really knows the answer to that question as there is no sound statistically around………. we will have to see


January 2nd, 2011

‘John’s Shcool Of Motoring’ wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Safe, Happy and prospers New Year

John’s School Of Motoring

Winter Driving

December 12th, 2010

Winter as come early for us in the UK, snow at the end of November dose this mean another winter like last year the word is we are.

As a Driving Instructor i still take out my pupils out on there lessons i know a lot of Instructor don’t work when the road conditions are bad of course that’s for them, for me i feel new drivers need to see what it’s like to drive in snow and ice.

It’s amazing how many drivers drive there car’s with out cleaning the frost off there window on there car, few days ago it was minus 7 at 9.30 in the morning in  Stockport Cheshire i past a fellow driving instructor who had only cleaned is front screen, he could not see through any of is side windows is head lights were covered in thick layer of frost so you couldn’t see is lights, if we have guys like this what chance dose are new divers have

Driving Test + Funeral Cortege

December 6th, 2010

It is a mark of respect that where possible to allow the cortege to make progress that’s within law this may mean sacrifice our own priorities at times, like waiting for the cortege too emerging from a side road,
There is no law or a written etiquette on guidance on what to do when we meet a funeral cortege the unwritten law is we should not put are selves between the hearse and the limousine as a mark of respect to the family, sadly there increasingly lack of patience with the younger drivers not showing respect,
So how dose this effect the driving test we have to remember that the driving test is based on the highway code the advice given by the DSA to there examiners is if they encounter a funeral cortege on test is to follow the advice in the highway code which is precisely nothing,what this means is that when on test if we give up our priority to a cortege we can be marked down or failed for doing so

Where should we display ‘L’ plates

November 28th, 2010

Police around the country are stopping learner drivers for not having there ‘L’ plate displayed vertical at the front and rear (or ‘D’ in Wales),

The DSA spokesmen said the DSA advice is to follow the guide in the Highway Code which states ‘Display ‘L’ plates in such a manner as to be clearly visible to other persons using the road from a reasonable distance front and rear (or ‘D’ in Wales),

The AA Driving School which has it’s front ‘L’ plate just above the grille on the bonnet, if you are stopped by the the Police you need to ask them where dose it say we must have the ‘L’ plate vertical because it doesn’t say in the Highway Code which is the UK Governments Code for use on our roads,

It is against the law to show ‘L’ plates if the driver has a full licence unless your a Driving Instructor having said that some ADI’s have been Stopped by the Police around the Country and told they should take the ‘L’ plates or top box off when driving on there own as long as your working as a Instructor at the time you are stop you are within the law to drive with ‘L’ plates or box on your car,

It’s getting more common to put ‘L’ plates in the front and rear windscreen you need to be aware this is illegal as they can restrict your view when your driving this is not allowed on test

12 penalty points then what ?

November 15th, 2010

Normally when a driverreceive 12 points on there licence they will receive a driving ban, 1 in 4 drivers are been allowed to keep there licence, one driver was allowed to stay on the road, despite having 54 points, figures released show that a total of 11,000 drivers who should have been banned in 2009 weren’t, we know that the Courts have discretionary powers and so they should, ten thousand were let off after calming ‘exceptional hardship’ if they lose there licence, and it doesn’t stop there when the courts do put a ban on a driver it is then up to the DVLA to register the ban, in 2009 1,000 drivers carried on driving because there ban was never registered with the DVLA…..’.WHY’

Theory test to change

November 3rd, 2010

The  publishing of multiple choice questions and answers used in theory tests on line is to be stopped ‘John’s school of Motoring’ believes this is the right move by the government to do,this will stop new drivers from just learning answers and learn the true theory behind driving.

The move follows the introduction by the DSA of independent driving into the driving test and  stop publishing test routes in October 2010, to make sure the test assesses a learner’s ability to drive.

 From 1 January 2012, DSA will create theory tests using questions which will not be published,questions and answers not used in theory tests will still be available to help candidates with revision,  companies which publish products containing DSA theory test questions will also no longer have access to the questions used in the tests.